RezRok® 150

RezRok® 150 is a versatile three-component polymer floor compound used for patching and topping concrete floors. It is packaged specially for convenience and ease of mixing. It cures quickly at ambient temperature for quick turnaround.

Recommended Uses:

  • Patch & repair concrete floors
  • Spalls by chemical spills
  • Damage from mechanical abuse or erosion
  • Patch & seal around
  • Floor drains
  • Expansion joint edges
  • Penetrations in concrete


  • Fast setting for quick turnaround
  • Packaged for convenience, ease of use and easy clean-up
  • Excellent bond strength to concrete
  • Resists mechanical abuse and many chemicals
  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • Greater resiliency to concrete movement than cement-based products; won’t crack or shrink during cure
  • Can be applied in thicknesses from ¼" to 12"
  • Ideal for plant maintenance, including small repairs
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