RezRok® 155

RezRok® 155 is a high performance epoxy grout used for supporting heavy machinery subjected to dynamic loading. This three component, 100% solids grout meets or exceeds most other epoxy and inorganic grouts in maintaining critical physical properties at elevated temperatures.

Recommended Uses:

  • Grout rails, sole plates and machinery bases supporting equipment subjected to dynamic loads
  • Setting equipment, such as:
    - Reciprocating engine compressors
    - Turbines
    - Presses
    - Crushers
    - Centrifuges
    - Steel mill production equipment, such as roller tables


  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Maintains physical properties at elevated operating temperatures up to 180ºF, a point at which many other grouts fail
  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • Fast curing property and high early strengths for shortened downtime and less cost
  • Resistant to most corrosive chemicals and oils
  • Excellent flowability without aggregate reduction
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