FlakeRez® PE-8109

FlakeRez coatings contain inert flake reinforcement for dependability in maintaining their overlapping structure. The flakes within the chemical resistant resin matrix provide an extremely low permeation rate, which greatly reduces passage of ions through the coating.

Recommended Uses

  • Petroleum storage tanks
  • Heater treaters
  • Sand filters
  • Production tanks
  • Produced water tanks
  • Salt brine tanks
  • Offshore equipment exposed to seawater
  • Pipe risers
  • Drilling & production platform decks
  • Exterior of hot discharge pipe
  • Downcomer sea water supply pipe


  • Excellent resistance to petroleum products, salt water and mild chemicals; specially formulated to protect tank substrates exposed to crude oil with high hydrogen sulfide contents
  • Superior weathering and heat aging properties when compared to coal tar epoxies
  • Seamless, jointless barrier coating
  • Long-term reliability due to extremely low permeation rate of overlapping flake technology
  • Easy application in two 20-mil coats
  • Ambient temperature cure