PermaRez® 300

PermaRez® 300, is a vinyl ester novolac resin used as a binder for select aggregates and powders to create mortars; and as a saturant for fiberglass reinforcement. This can be used to make high build composite systems for heavy-duty linings on concrete and steel substrates. These resins, fillers and reinforcement fabrics combine to produce dimensionally stable linings ideally suited for immersion and splash and spill exposure of concentrated acids and aggressive solvents.

Recommended Uses

  • Steel process & storage tanks
  • Concrete waste treatment sumps
  • Trenches, pedestals, curbs
  • Secondary containment
  • Truck loading/unloading areas
  • Chemical pump pads


  • Excellent resistance to aggressive acids, alkalies and solvents; withstands attack from 75% sulfuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid and 100% phosphoric acid
  • Seamless, high tensile strength composite
  • Extremely low permeation rate; superior performance to acid-proof brick
  • Excellent dimensional stability; withstands wide temperature range