PermaRez® 335

PermaRez® 335, a 120 mil heavy-duty lining system for concrete and steel substrates, combines polyester resin, inert mineral fillers and fiberglass or synthetic reinforcement to produce a dimensionally stable liner ideally suited for immersion and splash/spillage exposure of aggressive oxidizing agents.

Recommended Uses

  • Steel process & storage tanks
  • Concrete waste treatment sumps
  • Trenches, pedestals, curbs
  • Secondary containment
  • Truck loading/unloading areas
  • Chemical pump pads


  • Excellent resistance to aggressive oxidizing agents such as nitric, chromic and formic acids
  • Seamless, high tensile strength composite
  • Extremely low permeation rate; superior performance to acid-proof brick
  • Excellent dimensional stability; withstands wide temperature range