TuffRez® 201FS

TuffRez® 201FS is a fast setting, two component, 100% solids polymer for coating and sealing concrete floors. Mixed with PolySpec Color Packs, this durable material cures to a smooth, glossy color surface finish or, with the addition of aggregate, a non-skid texture. Color quartz or vinyl flakes can also be used with TuffRez 201FS to produce a seamless, decorative surface.

Recommended Uses

  • Warehousing & manufacturing facilities
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Laboratories, hospitals, healthcare facilities
  • Stadiums & other entertainment venues
  • Educational & institutional facilities
  • Cafeterias, kitchens, storefronts, aisles
  • Bathrooms, showers


  • Minimizes downtime and reduces cost by improving crew installation efficiency/time
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Color stability equivalent to regular TuffRez 201
  • Versatile design possibilities
  • Solid colors using easy-mix color packs
  • Multi-color quartz and flake finishes
  • Various surface finishes available
  • Seamless, monolithic application
  • Durable finish withstands wear from foot traffic and rubber wheel vehicles
  • Resists many acids, alkalies and salts
  • Easy to maintain surface